10 Tips Writing For SEO

When you are writing for SEO for your clients, what do you have in mind?

How many percentage of keyword density? How do you arrange the keywords? Your clients will be able to tell you how many percent of the keywords they want but you will have to craft your way in writing, after all this is what you do right?

Here I have ten tips to help you through your ‘nightmare’, if that is what you are experiencing.

I had such a nightmare when I first wrote my SEO article but after a few trial and error I finally got it right.

10 Tips:

1. Write the whole articles first without thinking about SEO. Write from your heart about the topic you want to write about. Forget about SEO now, we will get to SEO later.

2. Don’t rush when you are writing the articles. Usually, it takes a long time to create a masterpiece but it is worth it.

3. When you have finished writing the articles, read and proof read.

4. Research your keywords. It is obvious that you need keywords for SEO (or keyphrases – whatever you call it). Use Google Keyword Tool to help. This is the most basic tool.

5. Now, it is time to get your keywords in the right place and in the right density. Read your article and amend whenever you feel you can insert the keyword.

6. This only applies if your clients give you a set of keywords – make sure you use the keywords as it is without alterations by adding a word in between.


Keyword: UK Travel

Sentence: You can spend a romantic honeymoon in UK. Travel agencies have many interesting offers for honeymoons.

*Notice that between UK and Travel, there is a dot [ . ] and search engine will still read it as UK Travel.

7. Check your keyword density using a Keyword Analysis Tool. The percentage depends on your clients.

8. A biography or signature is often added at the bottom of the article. Usually clients will not ask you to write it but in some cases when you have to write it, make sure it is not too long, contain the keywords and the correct links.

9. If your job including submission to article directories, make sure you submit to EzineArticles, ArticleBase and Articlesland.

10. Do not use an article spinner or submission robot to do all the work. This is to make sure you are doing everything the right way (white hat).
Additional tip: Some people suggests BOLD for keywords. You can try this but don’t use this excessively. Maybe you can BOLD one or two keywords in an article but not all.

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