Mar 11

Google Realtime to Find Freelance Gigs

I think I am rather outdated as I have just discovered Google Realtime. I believe it has been around for some time and yet I have failed to notice it earlier.

See up-to-the-second social updates about hot topics around the world.

– Google Realtime

The first thing I love about Realtime is “New results will appear below as they become available” and the option to “pause“. At least something I can control.

The new results will appear on top so you don’t have to keep refreshing the page.

Of course my first keyword is “freelancing”.

Realtime results for Freelancing

To my surprise, you can get some amazing freelancing gigs with Realtime. If you are always on the hunt for the best freelancing gigs on the internet, this is the best way to find the right freelance job.

I guess this is a whole new way to discover more freelancing gigs on the internet. This is good news for all freelancers, whether you are a freelance writer or a freelance designer.

Good luck searching for a gig that suits you.

I love Google.

love google