5 Mistakes I Have Done as a Freelance Writer

I hate to say this but it is true. I have done many mistakes in life, especially when I first started as a freelance writer. Freelancing world is a very tough world. There will be rocks, pebbles and sands along the way. It is very important to be careful but as a new freelance writer, I had no choice but to learn from mistakes.

So, here I present to you in post #261, five mistakes I have done as a freelance writer.

Mistake #1

I willingly agreed to a project rate without initiating a negotiation for a higher rate. Seriously, I thought that I wasn’t in the position to negotiate for a better rate, but I was wrong. As a new freelance writer, we have every right (not “write”) to get a better rate, if the client is offering a very low rate for our hard work. At least negotiate for a reasonable rate. Do not settle for a rate fit for slave.

Mistake #2

Agreed to add in more work but didn’t raise the rate. Silly me! I didn’t know how I can make such a mistake, but I made a mistake and it was a very costly mistake.

Mistake #3

I didn’t request for a deposit. In the end, I didn’t get a full payment at all. I didn’t get paid for the work I have done. Always request for a deposit, for your own financial security.

Mistake #4

I didn’t know I have the right to say “NO”. Seriously, as a freelancer, I have the right to say “NO” :

  • when I don’t want to take any projects
  • when the projects are not suitable / not in line with my work
  • when the projects are not rewarding and time consuming
  • whenever I feel like saying “NO”

You don’t have to say “Yes” all the time.

Mistake #5

Not making a stand about what I do and will not do in a project. I should have stated that my job is to write, not to edit or design anything. When I failed to mention that in a contract or something, I had to do everything way beyond my job description. Be specific about what you do, as you are getting paid to do only what you are told to do in the first place. If your client requires you to add in more work, please refer my Mistake #2.

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