7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Freelance Writer

Straight to the point:

1. Cut Cost

What would be the best way to save more money than hiring a freelancer? You pay for the service.

2. Simple

Unlike permanent employee, you don’t need to pay a basic salary for a freelancer, no health care and no EPF (for Malaysians). A freelancer is not attached to your company / business in any way (at least not permanently).

3. Easy to find

There are tons of freelancers around the world. Surely you can find one easily starting at AsiaPartTime and moving on to Elance or Getafreelancer (now known as Freelancer.com).

4. Direct communication

No passing around to different people to follow up with projects. You are dealing with one person and only one person to answer all your questions (one on one instant messaging / email communication).

5. Time saving

An agency might need a week to complete a project, but a freelancer can complete in less than a week, maybe even one day, because your project is more important than anything else.

6. Networking

You know that freelancers have their own networks. Make use of that networks. Get more freelancers to help out in different sections.

7. You know you hire the right person

Generally it takes up to one project to get to know a freelancer, but most of the time, it takes only one day to learn more about a freelancer. Then you know you have hired the right person to do the job.

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