Article Marketing for Freelance Writers

Surely you have a blog or a site if you are a freelance writer (be sure to have one if you WANT to be a freelance writer).

A blog or a site can help you establish a good reputation.

However, it won’t work unless you have readers.

How do you get readers within the next hour?

A very quick way to get a word out about your site is through social media.

Facebook, Twitter and related forums will be sending your blog or site throughout the internet fast.

Of course you won’t be able to target specific readers at this stage.

However, some random readers might just find your blog or site interesting, and start to follow your updates.

Here are some references on article marketing:

Here is what you should do if you are starting a new blog or site on WordPress:

(I can’t believe Gloson is 12 years old, as of now and he is Malaysian too!)

It is true, everyone can blog, but not everyone has what it takes to become a top blogger (not even me!).

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