Blog Engage: $1000 USD Best of the Guest Blogging Contest (2012) Qualifying Posts

It’s 2:00 am in Malaysia.

Here I am composing this post, not because I want to participate in this contest, but merely to collect all qualifying blog posts in one page.

I can’t find a page where I can check out all the qualifying posts for The Blog Engage 2012 $1000 Best of the Guest Blogging Contest.

Then I realise that there’s a tag on some blog posts:

Qualifying Article for Year End $1000 USD Contest

Here’s a list of qualifying blog posts based on the tag above:

  1. How to (NOT) Be Successful: Get Rich (POOR) Quick with Your Blog by Jason Mathes

  2. Should You Give Up on Blog Commenting? by Justin Germino

  3. Don’t Take Blogging Seriously And This Is What Will Happen To You by Raaj Trambadia

  4. Idealist or Pragmatist: Can a Blogger Be Both? by Holly Jahangiri

  5. How did I win my first 3 blogging contest back to back? by Abhi Balani

What you can do?

  • Tweets, 20 points per Tweet
  • Pins, 20 points per Pinup
  • Linked In Votes, 20 points per Share
  • Facebook Likes, 20 points per Like
  • Google Plus, 20 points per Plus
  • Engages at Blog Engage, 100 points per Engage
  • Comments on Blog Engage Guest Article that provide value, 30 points per comment
  • Comments on Blog Engage Story Page that provide value, 40 points per comment


Did I miss out on any posts?

Let me know by leaving a comment.


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