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I used to be a member of Blog Engage. It was a long time ago but recently I decided to take a peek at Blog Engage to find out what’s new.

First of all, I was surprised that I can no longer log in. After digging around the site, I noticed that I have to pay $19.99 for a standard account. There are other advanced packages available ranging from $9.99/month to $199.99/month.

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Naturally I became curious. I NEED to find out HOW to get this standard account for FREE.

Then, it came to me –

The title says it all.

This is my chance to have a fresh start on BE.

These are the features for a standard account:

What’s Included in a Blog Engage Standard Account?

  • Manual Submission:

With your manual submission account you have full access to the blog engage community. Your articles will need manual submission but all features and functions of the site will be available for you to use.

  • Adsense Revenue Program

On all your manually submitted and or syndicated Articles we will display your Google Adsense ads! this is set up by modifying your profile.

  • Groups

You will have the ability to create or join groups for your blog. During the submission process you will have the ability to submit targeted articles into these groups. This is a great way to get your content in front of an audience that wants to read it.

  • The Wall

This is a great place to keep up to date on all your friends activities. This will show all their status updates, submissions, comments and everything you need to know to stay updated on what’s happening in the blogosphere.

  • Community Blog

You have full access to and are welcomed to guest blog on our community blog as often as you like. You can introduce yourself to our community, show off your blog and so much more.

  • Blog Forum

Our blog forum is a great place to meet new bloggers and to introduce yourself to everyone. You can ask for blog reviews, look for guest bloggers and so much more.

  • Blog Directory

The blog directory is another way to help you rank in the search engines. You can add all your favorite blog links with tags and titles to help you rank higher for targeted keywords.

  • Free e-Book

SEO Marketing E-Book Written by me Brian Belfitt.

  • EasyRetweet Bonus (500)

EasyRetweet in partnership with Blog Engage offers all Blog Engage Standard Account holders 500 Credits. EasyReTweet is an excellent Twitter Web App and traffic tool that helps Twitter users pull huge traffic to their links.

~ from Blog Engage

What are you waiting for? Get your free standard account by following these steps:

I can’t wait to get started, that is if Brian activated my account 🙂

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