7 Proofreading Tips To Help You Proofread Effectively

So, you have written an article, an e-book or a thesis. However, proofreading is important to make sure there are no errors or mistakes in your work such as spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes.

It is a slow process but it is also an important process of writing especially if you are a professional writer.

Here are a few tips to help you proofread easily.

1. Get a reliable reference book especially on Grammar. Oxford is by far the best but you can check out other sources for reliable reference books.

2. Apart from checking spelling and grammar, there are other stuff to look out for such as heading and font sizes. Be sure to ask yourself, what you want to check before you start proofreading.

3. You might want to print out a copy of your work to proofread. Some people find it easier to proofread on papers. If you have a printer, print the material, proofread and correct using a red pen, if necessary.

4. Check the font sizes. Small font sizes will increase the chances of missing out the mistakes you make.

5. You might want to consider to hop around while reading. Read from the beginning until the end seems to be the perfect way to proofread but actually by hopping around, you can increase the chances of spotting mistakes especially wrong spellings.

6. Not everyone is keen on proofreading. It is a boring job (it is true!) because you have to spend so much time reading and spotting for any mistakes. However, someone has to do the job, and if you are not up for the challenge, find someone who is willing to do the job (with a price to pay). You can get a freelance proofreader through any freelance job sites.

7. Check again! Once you are done, read through the whole material again. It doesn’t hurt although you might not be in the mood for more reading (of the same material). Still, you have to do it to make sure you have a perfect copy before publishing (99.9% no mistake).

If you have any other proofreading tips, feel free to share with us.

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To Stressed To Write

Isn’t the title sounds so familiar?

Yes, sometimes, we are too stressed to write / too tired to write.

We can even be too tired to think about writing (what to write about…).

However, if you are stressed, try these tips to help you get back to writing easily.

1. Listen to music

2. Take a shower

3. Call a friend

4. Watch TV

5. Read a book

6. Play a game

7. Clean your room / clean your work table

8. Exercise (walk / run / jog)

9. Read jokes / watch funny videos and laugh

10. Go outside and take a walk

If none of these work, get a nap (or sleep for a long time).

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How To Get Focus In Writing Something You Don’t Need Research


[photo credit: Andreika]

You have something you need to write. You have a deadline for a story, a news article or a press release. Something that you have already known — and it is sitting in your mind at this moment.

The problem is, you are too busy meddling with other things you don’t need.

Twitter. Facebook. Friendster. Tagged. Emails. Blogs. Gossips. Everything.

How do you eliminate all these distractions?

To be honest, I encounter these distractions often too. However, a girl must do what a girl must do.

There are two solutions.

1. Cut off your internet connection.

2. Shut down all unnecessary applications except the one that you are using to work on your article.

Yes, these are what you need to do if you want to get things done on time.

Cut Off Internet Connection.

As the title suggests, this is when you don’t need to research anything online. You have everything you need offline in order to complete your work so there is no need for internet connection at all. Otherwise, you will find yourself going back to Twitter. Facebook. Friendster. Tagged. Emails. Blogs. Gossips. Everything.

If you think that you have the power to control your desire, then you may connect to the internet at your own risks.

Shut Down Applications.

Shut down applications such as Winamp or Windows Media Player and leave only Microsoft Word or Notepad on. This will help you focus rather than messing with the songs and videos. Just like internet, these applications are distractions. We will never get started while we are still playing with these stuff.


So, there you go, two simple and effective ways to get you started working on your project, whatever it is.

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How To Write About Something You Don’t Know

How do you write about something you have no idea about?

In your writing career, you might be given difficult topics that you never heard of before.

Imagine having been a pro in writing about animals, suddenly you are given a topic about construction, surely you will be scared after all this is not your expertise.

This is a challenge for you, but you can overcome this by using the following steps.

Look through the article directories for more ideas.

Ezine Articles and Go Articles are good source of information to dig in and gain everything you need to know. Read up some of the articles and begin your own piece of article based on what you understand. It is not difficult at all.

Check out some free E-books on the internet.

If you can’t find what you need at the article directories, you can always look for free ebooks. There are many sources to get free ebooks on the internet for different topics. Of course the best part is they are all free of charge so you can get as many ebooks as you need.

Practice as often as possible.

This is not easy but if you have been writing often, surely you realise that the more you practice the better you can write and sometimes you don’t even need to refer to any other reference, as you can write an article based on your knowledge.

Most of the time, writing can be much easier, especially if you know where to source for information you need for your topic. Take your time when you write and never rush just to finish the work quickly so that you don’t end up with a piece of garbage.

*I do enjoy coffee, and if I have it my way, I might have more than one cup of coffee a day, so feel free to fund my coffee addiction πŸ™‚