How To Make Sure You Get Paid For Your Work

You have just completed your work. What now? Getting paid, of course.

You might be lucky that your clients pay 100% in advance. Some clients would pay at least 50% in advance. However, there are also clients who tend to ‘forget’ about paying when it is due.

Generally, we hate to assume the worst so we need to think positively when a client is not paying on time.

However, you should do your part as well in terms of getting the payment. Payment can be delayed due to your own actions.

How do you make sure they pay up without causing an argument?

1. It is best to have a contract or agreement stating the terms and conditions that both of you agree. You should mention about the payment details and invoicing system in the contract / agreement. If your clients are not following the terms and conditions, you can use the contract / agreement to go against them (rules and regulations according to your location – please check with your local enforcement).

2. Timing is very important. Be sure to send your invoice right after you have completed your work.The soonest you send the invoice, the faster you can receive your payment (assuming that your clients are going to pay you).

3. Don’t forget to follow up once you have sent the invoice. It is important to follow up because some clients might not notice the invoice you have sent to them thus causing a delay in getting payment. As we know emails can go wrong sometimes. Resend the invoice if necessary.

4. If emails don’t work, it is time to give them a call. Talk politely and ask them if they have received your invoice and the payment is ready. Money is a very sensitive issue so be sure to use small words when discussing about the money.

5. If none of the above works, you should be heading towards the experts such as Freelancers Union for help (check whether you are eligible). Different location has different set of rules and regulations. Be sure to check out yours.

If everything else fails, you should consider to place a report on Ripoff Report or Scam Radar.

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Bukisa: How You Can Make Money With Bukisa

Have you heard about Bukisa?

It is similar to Triond or Associated Content.

You write the articles, submit to Bukisa, wait for approval and earn the royalties forever.

What you should know about Bukisa?

  • Bukisa is open to US and non-US residents.
  • You will get paid when you earn a minimum of $10 via PayPal (I hope they do pay).
  • You are free to submit any articles as long as it is YOUR OWN articles.
  • You can submit articles that have been submitted to other sites. (Triond allows you to submit articles to other sites after you have FIRST submitted to Triond.)
  • You can submit up to 25 articles a day.
  • You cannot submit PLR articles.

Type of content you can submit?

  1. Articles
  2. Slides
  3. Videos
  4. Audio

How do you earn money?

The Bukisa Index is a unique and exciting way you can keep track of your earnings from your published content and networks content in Real Time.

What this number means is that for every 1,000 unique human visits to your content you will receive the USD equivalent of the Bukisa Index.

For example, if the Bukisa Index is $4.00 that means you will receive $4.00 USD for every 1000 unique views your content receives.



This is very special because you can choose the copyright when you submit your content.

There are three types of copyright available:

  1. Creative Commons – Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported
  2. Creative Commons – Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported
  3. No syndication allowed – No Copying / Altering

Pick the one that is most suitable with your work.

Should you give it a try?

Why not?

If you love to write, give it a try. You may never use Bukisa as your main stream income, but it is helpful as passive income. $1 is better than nothing.

Is it a scam?

The truth is, I don’t know myself. I haven’t get paid yet but once I get paid, I will let you know.

Until then, all I can do is cross my fingers and hope for the best.


Learn about how you can make money with triond if you haven’t read about it!

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How To Make Money With Triond


Subject: Triond

Topic: How to earn money using Triond.

If you are really good at writing, love writing and spend most of your time writing, Triond is a good platform for you to publish your work and at the same time, earn royalties from Triond.

How to Begin?

Of course you will need to register before you can publish your work.

Once you have registered, click on “submit” to add your writing. Once you have added your work, you will have to wait until it is approved to be published.

Triond cares about grammar and quality so make sure your articles are error free and beneficial to others.

You can use the built-in spell checker to make sure there is no spelling error in your articles.

However, articles are not the only content they accept.

They also accept video, audio and images.

…Text articles, video/audio files and images – Triond

Type of Articles To Submit

Basically Triond accepts all sorts of articles from personal experiences to poetry and even short stories. Since I have written a few short stories and poetry in the past, I published on Triond to earn a passive income every month.

To get better page views, you should write something that is popular, something that everyone wants to read and something that is educational.

For example, money making, movie reviews and Top 10 lists are very popular. People love to read these type of articles.

Apart from these, I have found that people love to read about game guides as well. I have written a guide on Mafia Wars and that is the one page that got the most page views.

However, in the end it depends on your creativity.

How to Calculate the Earnings?

According to Triond,

Earnings = page views * eRPM / 1000

To get better explanation, check this page.

Apart from page views, you should also pay attention to these criteria to make sure you earn more money:

  • the quality of the content
  • its use of language
  • keywords
  • the topic popularity
  • the content media type

Minimum Payment?

To get paid by PayPal, the minimum amount is $0.50.

To get paid by Western Union, the minimum amount is $50.00.

Payment will be made on 15th every month.

Therefore, I prefer to get paid by PayPal.

If, on any month, your revenues do not reach this minimum, the amount owed to you will be rolled over and added to next month’s payment – Triond.

How to Promote Your Articles?

Once your articles are published on Triond, the next step is to spread a word about your articles so that people would read your articles.

The best way is to promote using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. You can set your Twitter account in Triond so that Triond will automatically tweet your latest published articles to your Twitter account.

Is Triond a Scam?

There are way too many scam programs out there and therefore, we should all beware when we come across any money making site but Triond is for real.

Writers really get paid every month, as long as the earnings reach the minimum payment at the end of each month. Otherwise, the earnings will be roll over to the next month.

If you are new on Triond, you won’t be making hundreds or thousands for the first time. In fact, you might be shocked to learn that you are getting a few cents for the first month.

I started earning a few cents in the beginning before it increased to $0.78. My highest earning so far? $1.62 for the month of July.

Although it is just a dollar, imagine what a dollar can be in the next few months.

The Key Towards Earning More Money on Triond?

Submit as many articles (or content) as possible.

Of course you won’t be able to submit hundreds at a time (unless if you have the super power to create hundreds of content at a time), but take it one step at a time.

You can submit an article a day for five days a week, and you will have 20 articles in a month.

Make sure the content is of high quality so that the search engine will be able to redirect more traffic to your articles on Triond.


Give it a try. Triond is very addictive. It is not only a platform to make money but also for networking.

More information

About Triond


Triond blog – keep up with the latest updates

Help Centre


My Triond’s profile

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Triond As A Source of Passive Income

Months ago, I have been wondering if Triond is really going to pay the writers who contributed on the site.

After all, who would want to give out money to people who simply post articles on the site”s many different mini blogs?

However, this month, 15th April, I got a surprise from Triond (or Stanza Ltd).

I got a payment of $0.78 to my PayPal.


(click on the image for bigger image)

Haha, I am rather happy actually to see even just a mere $0.78 from Triond, because the payment proves that Triond really pays their contributors a royalty from the ads shown on the pages of the articles.

Now, I am going to write even more articles on Triond to earn a lifetime royalty, if possible.

It proves that there are many ways to get passive income and Triond offers the best way because you get to build your own portfolio as well (remember they care about the quality) so make sure you strut your best stuff on Triond and get rewarded with their royalty payment.

Register at Triond.

Learn more about how Triond works.

Triond Blog.

My Triond profile.

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