Q&A: Proof Reading, Copy Editing

It has been a while since I received any emails with questions.

However, Mandy left me a comment, which I think is more appropriate for me to answer openly so everyone else can learn.

Hi Sarah. My name is Mandy. I read your email this morning and am interested to know how I can find a job as a freelance proof reader/copy editor. I currently am doing this work from home for a publisher locally but the work is not consistent. I am a retired secretary by profession and have worked in various fields eg. legal, finance and trading. I am basically a multi task person.

Dear Mandy,

First of all, I have to say that I have no professional experience in proof reading or copy editing. Therefore, I won’t be able to provide an accurate answer to your question. However, since you are working for a local publisher, I am sure that many clients would love to hire you. After all, you have the experience they need.

However, the question you need to ask if, are you looking for jobs in Malaysia (only) or you would like to look for jobs internationally.

If you want to work for clients based in Malaysia only, the best place I can suggest is AsiaPartTime.

The only problem is, it is rather tricky to find direct proof reading / copy editing jobs because these jobs are usually compiled under ‘writing‘ category.

However, if you want to break through the international market, you can try these sites:

Get A Freelancer – Proof reading

Get A Freelancer – Editing

Elance – Proof reading

Elance – Editing

One problem with these sites is that you will have to place a bid, meaning it is not guaranteed you will get the work, but if you are good at what you are doing, then you are most likely to get a few shots.

Good luck!


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Getting Paid For Your Work Through PayPal

Q: How do I get paid when I freelance in writing?

A: PayPal is the preferable way to get paid. However, if you use paid freelancing sites, you will receive payment through Escrow and then you can withdraw to your PayPal account or any other accounts depending on the sites.

I recommend PayPal because it is easier to bill your client. There is an invoice service and you can use this to send invoices to your clients and have them pay you through PayPal.

However, it also depends on your geographical area, whether PayPal is available. If it is not available, you will have to find other ways to receive money internationally. After all, you might be in India and your client is in USA.

*I do enjoy coffee, and if I have it my way, I might have more than one cup of coffee a day, so feel free to fund my coffee addiction 🙂

The Right Rate To Charge

Q: How do you determine the rate for the freelancing work you are applying?

This is a really important question you need to ask yourself as a freelance writer (or any freelancers in general). Setting the right rate might influence your clients to stick with you for a long time.

“Go with the flow.”

While this mindset is correct at certain times, you need to set your own rules and regulations as well including your own rates for different types of jobs.

Why you need to set the rates?

1. You have something to compare to when a client make an offer to you. Remember different clients make different offer. To know whether the offer is worth taking or not, you need to have a guideline.

2. You know where you are standing at when you receive a client’s offer. For example, you might start off offering low rates. As the time goes, if your clients are making better offer, you are actually progressing to a whole new level. Congratulations if you have managed to reach a higher level from where you have started.

3. You can make changes to the rates you set according to what the clients offer to you. Yes, it is flexible. You decide how much you want to charge for which client you want according to the work load.

4. You know when you can charge higher and when to charge lower.

*If there is some other advantages you can think of, feel free to share with us.

Guidelines on setting the rates (for freelance writers):

a. $0.05 – $0.10 / word : depending on your experience. Can go higher if you are exceptionally good at what you do.

b. If your client is offering bulk work, perhaps you can come up with a bulk rate / discount rate or anything you like to call it. Don’t feel too intimidated to reduce the fee, do what is right for you. You have the right NOT to lower your fee.

c. Go with what you think suits you best.

Be sure to prepare invoices to get paid on time and to keep track of your income.

*I do enjoy coffee, and if I have it my way, I might have more than one cup of coffee a day, so feel free to fund my coffee addiction 🙂