CopyScape and Other Plagiarism Checkers

“When it comes to writing for anything, the rule is 100% original.”

I am sure you are a dedicated writer who will do everything to make sure that your articles are 100% original before you hand in your work to your clients.

The question is how reliable it is by using CopyScape, these days?

There is a discussion in DP about the reliability of CopyScape. For example:

In several instances I find duplicates for content that I’m 100% positive that it is unique and results from copyscape are not relevant by any mean. What are they trying to do? manipulating the credibility of content?

~by Tech Entrance

Since it is extremely important to check articles to make sure 100% originality, I have found other tools to check articles.

Apart from CopyScape:

1. Plagiarism Detect – free

2. Article Checker – free

3. DupeCop – free

4. Dupe Free Pro – free

5. Doccop – free

6. Plagiarism Finder – free to try (30-day trial), $125 to buy

7. Ithenticate – not free (need to get license)

8. The Plagiarism Checker – free

9. Quote Finder – free

10. Copy Alerts – free (this is a tool that lets you enter your website or blog to receive plagiarism alerts if someone steals your content)

11. Duplicate Check – $19.95 (you need PHP 4.3.2 or higher/Zend Optimizer 2 or higher)

12. FairShare – free

(thanks @plagiarismtoday for recommending FairShare)

Need to find more plagiarism detection software for download? Check out search page for ‘plagiarism’.

Since there are so many tools to check your articles, instead of relying 100% on CopyScape, why not try a few more?

It is very hard to find the best checker since each of them are using different formulas and algorithm.

The best way is to use a few checkers. If you find it a hassle to check the articles so many times, stick to your gut and use the one that you think is best.

However, Google is our best friend. Copy any random phrase and search (with quote and without quote). This is not a new trick, in fact I believe most of you know about this. In case you didn’t know, well now you know it.

Know a new checker that is not in the list? Let me know!

Find out more here – Plagiarism

p/s: updated 14 December 2012

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The Right Rate – Calculation Tool

On 1st of February I talked about The Right Rate To Charge. Today, I would like to introduce a tool to help you calculate the rate for your work. This is by far the best freelance rate calculation tool available that is easy to use.

It is the FreelanceSwitch Hourly Rate Calculator

I believe that if you are new in the freelance writing industry, you are puzzled on how to charge your customers. Usually we will charge according to the numbers of articles but you can try hourly rate as well for a change.

Why you need to use this?

  • This calculator will help you calculate a suitable rate as a guide for your own rate.
  • It is 99% reliable because it takes in consideration from all sections – business expenses, personal expenses, your available hours for work and the profits you want to gain.

You don’t have to strictly follow the rate you get from the calculator. This is as a guide to help you set a proper rate for your service.

Remember, there is always room for discussion when it comes to getting the right rate for you and client. If a client is asking you to lower the rate to an insulting rate, you can always reject the offer and walk away. Find another client who is willing to pay a decent rate, maybe slightly lower than your expectation but never too low it is insulting to work for such a client.

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Freelance Writing Jobs – Where To Find Them, How To Get Jobs That Pay

You have taken the first step into freelance writing. Now, where do you find freelance writing jobs on the internet?

You can try classifieds on the newspapers but I doubt that there would be more choices than online sites.

It is not difficult to find jobs online. However, it takes time to search for the right job.

Here is a list of freelancing job sites to begin:

  1. Upwork (previously known as Odesk & aka Elance)
  2. SoloGig – good for IT & Engineering jobs
  4. Programmer meet Designer
  5. SimplyHired
  6. Guru
  7. FreelanceWriting – this is like a feed for all freelance writing jobs from many freelancing sites
  8. AboutFreelanceWriting
  9. SunOasis Freelance Writing
  10. Burryman
  11. CraigsListselect your area > jobs > writing / editing (alternatively you can post your service in services > write/ed/tr8)

You can also use Indeed to help you narrow down your search for jobs. All you need to do is type in “freelance” or “freelance writing” into the search box.

When you bid for a job, make sure you don’t sell out yourself. Place a bid with a rate that is reasonable. Don’t bid as if you are dying to get the job (this will only benefit the clients and NOT you). Remember there are many other jobs and if you are being offered a low paying job, try to find others before you accept it.

Now that you know where to get the jobs you want, how do you make sure you get the job?

  • When you apply for a job, make sure you submit your resume that covers your expertise and mention your experience (if applicable). You don’t need a long resume, a short one will do as long as you have all the important facts in it.
  • If you are bidding for a job, mention briefly how you are going to get the job done and of course, don’t forget to put in your rate for the whole project and perhaps explain why you set such a rate.
  • If you are being asked for a sample through the bidding sites, ask the client if your sample work will be paid. (Usually, some clients won’t pay and when you submit your work, they use it freely for their own advantage – you are at the losing end)

So, how do YOU get your freelance jobs. Feel free to share with us!

This article is updated on 20th August 2015.

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