Post #300: 17 Hints for Remembering Better

This is post #300 and I have been wondering what would be the best thing to share with you.

Now as a writer (or virtual assistant), memory plays an important role, because we need to remember a lot of stuff – work, clients, contracts, ideas, e.t.c. It is very important to have a good memory (to remember all the important details).

I just have to share this with everyone. I can be forgetful from time to time and these tips would really help.

Courtesy of Virginia Tech [source]

1. Understand thoroughly what is to be remembered and/or memorized.

2. Spot what is to be memorized verbatim. It is a good plan to use a special marking symbol in text and notebook to indicate parts and passages, rules, data, and all other information that is to be memorized instead of just understood and remembered.

3. If verbatim memory is required, go over the material or try to repeat at odd times.

4. Think about what you are trying to learn. Find an interest in the material if you wish to memorize it with ease.

5. Study first the items that you want to remember longest.

For #6 to #17, please visit the link.


What do you think of these tips?

I think #1 is the most important of all.

Halfway Through 2010

Today is 2nd June 2010, Wednesday. This day reminds me of many things.

I am married for 1 year 2 months, I am 23 years old and 5 months and I am back to my hometown for more than 6 months.

We are now halfway through 2010. When June is over, we have roughly six months left before we welcome the year of 2011.

2010 has been very challenging and I must say there have been so many “ups” and “downs”.

Everything seems to be going on well, except for the unpredictable weather.

How are you doing? How are you going to live, the next six months?

Hope to hear your side of the story.

Do You Celebrate Labour Day?

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Labour Day is a public holiday in most countries. Do you know what Labour Day is all about?

Well, it is a day to celebrate working men and women.

Did you celebrate Labour Day last Saturday (1st May 2010)?

The best way to celebrate Labour Day is …

Share your special ways to celebrate Labour Day.

It is never too late. We have Labour Day every year!

p/s: I would really love to just stay at home and relax. Oh, wait a minute, I am working from home and relaxing at anytime I want.