5 Free Online Writing Courses


Writing is important especially if you are a freelance writer. It is never too late to learn about writing. In fact, the more we learn, the more we practice. Thanks to the Internet, we are able to access online writing courses for free at our own pace.

Online Writing Courses

Here are five free online writing courses anyone can learn (not listed according to preference).

1. Writing What You Know

This course is by The Open University, under the OpenLearn section. The study material is adapted from the Creative Writing course (paid and online course). This short course is a great introductory course for anyone who wants to improve in descriptive writing. At the end of the course, you will:

  • be able to articulate your own thoughts on the notion of ‘write what you know’;
  • be equipped to write ‘blind’ descriptions of known objects and note new observations;
  • have an enhanced ability to list sensory perceptions;
  • be able to write short texts about a personal memory of either a place or a character.

2. Diploma in Basic English Grammar

This course is by Advanced Learning Interactive Systems Online (also known as ALISON). Grammar is essential in writing. With this course, you will be able to learn the proper use of grammar and identify common grammar mistakes. You will have to register to enroll.

3. Creative Writing: A Master Class

This course is by Academy of Achievement. If you are into creative writing, this would be a great reference, and you can easily gain the material using iTunes. To download the material, you just need iTunes.

4. Advanced Essay Workshop

This course is by MIT Open Courseware. You don’t have to register to access the course material. It is available here. Study the material at your own pace!

5. English Composition I: Achieving Expertise

This course is free but slightly different than the previous four courses. To enroll you have to register on Coursera. In order to complete this course, you will have to complete the assignment according to due dates. It takes 12 weeks to complete, so make sure you have enough time to complete assignments on time. English Composition will explore academic reading and writing.



Take some time to research and decide on the best course for your personal development. Feel free to sign up all if you are up for the challenge!

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Freewriting: What is Freewriting

Have you heard of freewriting?

What is freewriting?

Free writing is a prewriting technique in which a person writes continuously for a set period of time without regard to spelling, grammar, or topic. (Free Writing, Wikipedia)


Free writing is when you:

  • write non-stop
  • don’t correct your writing
  • keep writing, even if you have nothing to write, just to keep the flow of writing (imagine writing something that means nothing)
  • don’t judge or censor your writing

Why freewriting?

  • It helps to generate ideas before expanding
  • It helps to gather information before rearranging
  • It helps to unblock “writer’s block”
  • It helps to get comfortable with writing
  • Just for fun

Freewriting is the best way to start your writing, especially when you are suffering writer’s block. It helps to get into the writing mood.

You can free write when:

  • you feel that ideas are flowing in your mind
  • you have nothing to write and want to write something
  • you feel angry or sad and you want to let it all out on paper (or typing on your computer)
  • you want to sleep but cannot sleep

Example of freewriting:

1. http://web.mst.edu/~gdoty/classes/concepts-practices/free-writing-example.html

2. http://home.earthlink.net/~khatzi/essay/freewriting.htm

Resources on freewriting:

1. http://grammar.about.com/od/yourwriting/a/freewrite.htm

2. http://www.wikihow.com/Freewrite

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Dream Job

My name is Kieran Flores.

I am trying freelance writing jobs, and that’s how I found your site. You provide interesting and practical information, thanks!

I would like to know whether you will write about writing as a dream. I mean, when you ask a kid “”What do you want to be?””, he or she would hardly answer “”A writer””. But you certainly have an experience in this field. I’m sure you have something to say. Is it the job you dreamed about? Is being a writer dreamy? It’s just a suggestion, but I really think it would be an awesome post. Your opinion is very important for me.

Thank you.
I highly value your feedback!

Best regards,
Kieran Flores

I apologise for overlooking this.

This has been sitting on Google Drive for months.

Kieran, you have raised an interesting topic for me.

Is writing my dream job?


I knew it since I was 12 years old.

I used to write poetry and short stories.

In fact I had a very old blog on creative writing when I was 13 years old, but the blog is unpublished at the moment.

So, there you have it. My answer is yes and I will write for as long as I can, although it has been difficult lately due to the commitment (work, study & family).

Have a question? Ask here.

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AWAI : Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting

This is a long awaited review for AWAI : Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.

AWAI (American Writers & Artists Inc.) have designed many programs to help aspiring writers to achieve success in the writing industry.

Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting is one of the many programs available, if you are interested in earning six-figure with copywriting. This is a comprehensive program that guides you step-by-step.

After so many months of training, I can conclude that this program is a great copywriting training kit for aspiring writers.

Best of all you can learn and practice for as long as you want. It is definitely helpful especially for those who are working full time. At least you will be able to learn something over the weekend.

It is easy to understand and to follow.

Apart from a step-by-step guide, you have access to webinars, special reports and ebooks to help you understand copywriting.

Once you have signed up for the program you will get to enjoy lifetime support from AWAI Member Forum.

If you are an aspiring writer, you should definitely sign up for this program. At $397, it is definitely worth every cent you pay.

Check it out – http://www.awaionline.com/copywriting/p/

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Why I Love Ghost Writing

ghost writing

If you are not familiar with ghost writing, here is an excerpt from Wikipedia,

ghostwriter is a professional writer who is paid to write books, articles, stories, reports, or other texts that are officially credited to another person.

Some writers despise ghost writing because they won’t get any credit for their work. Someone else will get the credit. This is the biggest turn off in the early days but once you get started and get along with the work, you will find that ghost writing is rather rewarding.

You can be a ghost writer for:

  • non fiction
  • fiction
  • blog
  • website
  • lyrics
  • academic materials

There is one reason why I love being a ghost writer. It is all about the money. It is reported that some high profile ghost writers have been paid millions to write autobiographies of public figures.

There I said it. I love being a ghost writer for the money. Credit is not important to me at all, unless if I am writing something that I intend to publish under my name (or pen name).

If you are considering ghost writing, start small. Get one small task and see if it suits you.

Most freelance writing job sites are offering ghost writing positions. However, be careful when you apply for jobs.

*I do enjoy coffee, and if I have it my way, I might have more than one cup of coffee a day, so feel free to fund my coffee addiction 🙂