Contract or No Contract – The Importance of Contract For Freelance Writers

Being as a freelance writer, it has the perks and the downside. The perks is to have a flexible working hours whereas the downside is, it is hard to buy a house, a car or get a personal loan because you need to proof your income.

Nevertheless, I am going to talk about contract and the importance of contract for a freelance writer.

As I have mentioned before that freelancing is a risky business, especially when you are not careful. For example, you are not paid for the work you have done. At least, I have experienced it before in my early days.

Now, to be more careful, I only bid for jobs that I think reliable and honest.

However, to extra protect myself, I need to come up with a contract for the buyer and provider (me).

You don’t have to draft your own contract because you can get it for free at Freelance Switch (download the contract). Written by Kristen Fischer who participates in Freelance Switch podcast is an experienced and excellent copywriter from New Jersey. You can even follow her at @kristenfischer.

You can make your own draft (make changes to the copy as well) according to your requirements.

The importance of having a contract:

  • You don’t want to get con by your prospective employers.
  • You want to be clear about your job scope, payment and other terms and conditions between you (as the provider) and your buyer (or employer).

For example:

  • You might want to state “work for hire agreement” and “independent contractor agreement”.

  • The date of the agreement (start and end – if applicable).
  • Spot for signatures (if your buyer is in the same country, it is even better – sign it).
  • Description of services.Be as specific as possible. You wouldn’t want to argue about your workload later.
  • Statement of ownership and rights.
  • Payment – you need to state whether you are being paid by hours or by projects (or anyway that you are getting paid). You will also need to state your invoicing method as well as when you will send the invoice, when you will be paid and the method of payment.

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