December – Holiday Season


December is here. Christmas is around the corner. New Year is also around the corner.

So, what are you doing now?

It is time for shopping spree. Being prepared early is best especially if you are celebrating Christmas.

What would be the best gift for Christmas?


Nothing is as good as books, as books can last for a long time.

So, what books should you get for Christmas?

First of all, you might want to consider a Kindle. You use a Kindle to read e-books.

Ok now back to the book choices.

Twilight is such a popular series.

You might want to get these books:

1. Twilight

2. New Moon

3. Eclipse

4. Breaking Dawn

You can even get The Twilight Saga Collection (all four books).

Then again, you might want to consider getting the Harry Potter series. I have grown up with Harry Potter.

Love Dan Brown? Here is a list of books by Dan Brown:

1. The Lost Symbol

2. Deception Point

3. Matter

I am sure you will need books for kids as well. Picture books would be the best for kids. Kids love picture books because they are colourful.

What about teenagers? Check out books for teenagers!

December is the time for giving and receiving. Why not make someone happy with a nice gift?

Need more books? More books for everyone!

More gift ideas for Christmas and New Year.

Happy early Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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