Don’t Be Scared To Waste Time Browsing These

Time to take a break from work. Why not spend some time have fun with these sites?

All work and no play makes Jack a dull freelance writer!

Come on, have some fun…

1. Very Funny Ads – take some time off and watch funny videos that will make you laugh

2. Metacafe – a collection of high quality videos for your view

3. Mondo Mini Shows – Don’t forget to watch God and Devil Show (a show like no other) *thumbs up*

*only for those who are not sensitive towards religion since God and Devil show is related to “God” and “Devil” in a cartoonic form.

**there are other cartoons to watch at Mondo Mini Shows such as Zombie College or Happy Tree Friends.

4. Travian – an addictive game

*I have an account on Server 5, been playing for about 6 months now and the game took almost a year to complete.

5. Miniclip – all sorts of online games available for you to choose

*recommendation: 5 Minute (In a Hurry)

6. Gutenberg – Project Gutenberg: online book catalog

*read all the classic books such as The Secret Garden and A Little Princess

7. Wordle – have fun with words

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