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There are a good number of internet marketers who still think that duplicate content is OK and that it doesn’t affect them. I have some news for you. Duplicate content is not OK, and yes, it can affect your site in a negative way.

If you ever read in any article directory rules and regulations something saying like “all duplicate contents are welcome”, please let me know, I would love to know about it. However, I’m afraid that most likely you won’t find such statement anywhere. The main reason for this is that duplicate content is worthless for the site hosting it, therefore, nobody wants it. Below are the three crucial reasons why why you should avoid duplicate content.

1) Article directories like to host original articles because they are just not interested in hosting the exact same articles as their direct competitors. This will defeat their purpose of coming up on the search engines when someone is looking for the keywords you are using in your articles. If the results are unique to them they have a much better chance to come up in the front page than if they shared the same article with another 30 or more directories. Make sense?

2) Search engine will not give you a backlink credit when it recognizes that the content is a duplicate. It will give you the backlink once for the first one, but not for duplicates that you posted elsewhere. Of course, because the search engine not being a human eye it will sometimes be fooled to believe that your content is an original because of the different page setting from one directory to another, and in such case, you might get away with it. However, it would be a hit or miss.

3) Ultimately you will be doing something that is really not allowed and when found out you will be penalized in some way. The primitive search engines of the early internet were not able to capture a duplicate content, it usually searched for keywords and went by that only. Today, however, the search engines are much more complex and can detect you content more easily.

When they do, Google is notorious to penalize those who are abusing duplicate content by lowering their site ranking and in case of more severe abuse remove the site all together.

When it comes to duplicate content, you need to know the truth and avoid it at as much as you can.

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