Entrecard: Why I Use It

It is fun to explore new stuff. As we know, Entrecard has been around for a long time and yet I have just signed up to give it a try. It has been fun using Entrecard. It is great to have online business cards as we get to introduce our blog as we drop the cards.

Why I use Entrecard:

  1. I get to earn credits as I drop my cards.
  2. Increase the traffic to my blog.
  3. Socialise with more bloggers around the world (through comments).
  4. Check out some of the most interesting blogs or sites according to niches.

If you register now, you get 200 credits totally free so that you get started on Entrecard.

If you are already part of Entrecard, be sure to join the contest at : http://entrecard.com/blog/?p=1593

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