Free Writing Courses To Help You Be a Better Writer


You don’t have to spend thousands of $$$ just to learn about writing. If you are reading this, I am sure you have internet access (and PC or laptop) and therefore, make use of the internet to learn everything you need to know about writing.

You can learn about grammar and everything else you need to know as a writer by signing up for free writing courses.

I still remember how I struggled to learn grammar in school since English is a second language for me. However, thank God I managed to pass with flying colours in English exam. Otherwise I would be having a hard time being as a freelance writer now.

It is never too late to learn and learning is a lifelong process. I am still learning many things in life.

Deb Ng from Freelancewritinggigs have listed 31 free online writing courses for you to check out.

I have listed the first ten here. To read the rest, head over the her post.

Ten free online writing courses:

  1. The Writer’s Helper
  2. Writer 2 Writer
  3. Creative Writing 101
  4. Writing What You Know
  5. Start Writing Fiction
  6. What is Good Writing
  7. Writing and Reading the Essay
  8. The American Novel Since 1945
  9. Conquering the Comma
  10. Basic Grammar Skills

Give it a try! You can be a better writer without wasting your hard-earned money as long as you are willing to spend time to learn.

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