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I love to write. Many people ask me how I can sit down at the computer, day in and day out, and find so many things to write about. George Burns said, “Fall in love with what you do for a living. I don’t care what it is. It works.” Those of us with jobs we are passionate about are very lucky indeed.

My freelance job writing articles, eBooks, squeeze pages, sales letters, and many other publications is time consuming. It is more than a full time job, and it demands specific working conditions. I make certain that interruptions are limited; I do not play the television or radio while working. Freelance writing has its advantages. I have a flexible work schedule. I am my own boss.

So many people want to work from home. I want to emphasize the word “work.” Many people, not all of them, but many of them, envision “working” at home and watching television, hanging out by the pool, and playing games on the internet. Actually, there are some people who play games on the internet even at their office jobs.

I work more hours per day than I ever worked at an office job. I typically work seven days a week. I do not have a boss that gives me a regular paycheck, so I have to market my writing talents and get enough work to pay the bills. That is not as easy as you may think.

Freelance job writing requires creativity and forethought. I literally have pages and pages of topics I want to write about. I get ideas for articles no matter where I am, and I do everything in my power to write these ideas down immediately, before I forget them. I keep paper on my nightstand, in the kitchen, and in my pocket. You never know when an idea might spring into your head.

I’m often prompted to write something based on an observation when I am shopping, at the park, or at a social event. Even when I am tending my vegetable or flower garden, article topics present themselves.

I do not think writing is for everyone. I’ve seen some articles that consisted of about three short paragraphs and did not really “say” anything. My writing heads in the opposite direction. Once I get started on a subject, I find it hard to get out everything I want to say and stay within my targeted word count.

If you enjoy writing, your work will reflect it. If you do write articles, whether for yourself or for others, be sure to provide content the reader can use or benefit from. Those short three paragraph “articles” usually are created simply to submit a quick article, in order to link to a website for marketing purposes.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with article marketing. However, there is a right and a wrong way to do it. Remember that the main idea is to create original quality content that provides information and something useful to the reader.

As a freelance author for hire, I do not always get to write about topics of my choosing. Job writing requires the skill of being able to write about nearly any subject, whether it is something you are interested in or not.

Writing is much easier if your topic is one you are knowledgeable of and passionate about. If you want to offer your writing services to others, be mindful that they choose the topics. Not every writer is willing to accept work under this condition.

I spend a great deal of time writing for others, so it is difficult for me to find time to write articles of my own. I try to set aside time for at least one of my own articles each day, regardless of my work load. I rationalize this by telling myself that writing my own articles improves my writing skills, which in turn makes the writing I do for others of a much higher quality.

Freelance job writing is an interesting job. I’ve met some fantastic people, and I’ve had the opportunity to attack some challenging article topics. The research involved in copywriting is a great way to gain knowledge on a wide variety of topics. I never tire of learning new things.

If you enjoy research, possess good writing skills, and take great pride in the quality of your work, freelance writing may be for you. Know up front that it takes time and work. If you do not enjoy proofreading your work, then writing for others is probably not for you. To build a strong client list with repeat customers, you have to provide high quality original writing. Your work needs to offer something of value to the reader, and it needs to contain an acceptable word count.

If you want to be a writer, you need to have something to say.

Laura Brown is a ghostwriter and professional freelance author. She specializes in search engine optimization and article marketing. Laura is also a graphic and web designer, and she offers coaching and marketing consulting services for Niche Marketers.

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