Get Inspired – Watch People

Need to write but having writer’s block?

Surprisingly, there are many ways to clear writer’s block but I am going to talk about the one and only way that truly helps to find ideas when writing.

Watching People

No this is not a joke, if you think it is.

This is for real. You can get ideas when you watch people. Just go to a busy place (ie: bus stand, streets, markets and even malls) and watch those people busy meddling with their work, whether they shop, eat, walk or run and talk.

I always find this unusual but it works! Maybe not for every writer, but who knows if this can help you achieve what you need to do.

A simple logic behind this scenario is when you watch these people, ideas can struck you (or flash in your brain). That is when you know what you should write about (whether you have a topic or not).

Try it, who knows you will get an idea to write about.

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