Getting Back To Normal Working Schedule

It is difficult to get back to work after a week’s holiday (or more).

I am still trying to get used to working as usual as if I am new to working as a writer.

It is weird how I can forget these things.

Perhaps I have been too happy that I forgot everything else when I was on my wedding holiday.

Anyway, I need to get back to work as normal and I have come up with a few tips to keep me align with what I am doing.

1. I need sleep. I have been sleeping normal hours, waking up in the morning and work on projects that I have started. This in turn helps me to focus on my projects.

2. I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. I usually skip one or two but I need a new lifestyle and a healthy one, so I have to eat three meals (or at least two). I can’t work on a hungry stomach (my brain will automatically divert to my hungry stomach when it growls).

3. Work on the most important, then the not-so-important but need to finish it soon.

4. Write when I feel like writing and taking a break when I don’t feel like writing.

5. Listen to podcast when I am writing. I just love the sound in my ears that seems to move my fingers all together.

Alright, I guess that’s all for now. I will need a break now.

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