Half-Productive Tasks I Do When I Work

OK, I admit. I love to play and work at the same time.

When I am working, there are side stuff that I like to call “half-productive tasks”.

Curious to know what those “half-productive tasks”?

  1. I love social media so I enjoy Facebook, Twitter and reading Blogs.
  2. Watch an episode of Charmed (maybe two).
  3. More blog hopping.
  4. Read some articles on “how to make more money”, “how to earn money blogging” and maybe even “how to write for money” (not that I do not know these – just for fun).
  5. Check out my earnings from my blog (thanks for supporting!).
  6. Listen to Outlandish’s music.
  7. Researching for something that is not even relevant to my project.
  8. Playing Neopets (childish game but I first played this game in 2001/2002).
  9. Check out my WC fan page, instant messaging, emails, more emails and other stuff – perhaps banking / contacting people that I have not communicate for a long time.
  10. Blogging, writing, working, whatever you want to call it.

There you go! Enjoy!

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