How To Get Focus In Writing Something You Don’t Need Research


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You have something you need to write. You have a deadline for a story, a news article or a press release. Something that you have already known — and it is sitting in your mind at this moment.

The problem is, you are too busy meddling with other things you don’t need.

Twitter. Facebook. Friendster. Tagged. Emails. Blogs. Gossips. Everything.

How do you eliminate all these distractions?

To be honest, I encounter these distractions often too. However, a girl must do what a girl must do.

There are two solutions.

1. Cut off your internet connection.

2. Shut down all unnecessary applications except the one that you are using to work on your article.

Yes, these are what you need to do if you want to get things done on time.

Cut Off Internet Connection.

As the title suggests, this is when you don’t need to research anything online. You have everything you need offline in order to complete your work so there is no need for internet connection at all. Otherwise, you will find yourself going back to Twitter. Facebook. Friendster. Tagged. Emails. Blogs. Gossips. Everything.

If you think that you have the power to control your desire, then you may connect to the internet at your own risks.

Shut Down Applications.

Shut down applications such as Winamp or Windows Media Player and leave only Microsoft Word or Notepad on. This will help you focus rather than messing with the songs and videos. Just like internet, these applications are distractions. We will never get started while we are still playing with these stuff.


So, there you go, two simple and effective ways to get you started working on your project, whatever it is.

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