How To Make Sure You Get Paid For Your Work

You have just completed your work. What now? Getting paid, of course.

You might be lucky that your clients pay 100% in advance. Some clients would pay at least 50% in advance. However, there are also clients who tend to ‘forget’ about paying when it is due.

Generally, we hate to assume the worst so we need to think positively when a client is not paying on time.

However, you should do your part as well in terms of getting the payment. Payment can be delayed due to your own actions.

How do you make sure they pay up without causing an argument?

1. It is best to have a contract or agreement stating the terms and conditions that both of you agree. You should mention about the payment details and invoicing system in the contract / agreement. If your clients are not following the terms and conditions, you can use the contract / agreement to go against them (rules and regulations according to your location – please check with your local enforcement).

2. Timing is very important. Be sure to send your invoice right after you have completed your work.The soonest you send the invoice, the faster you can receive your payment (assuming that your clients are going to pay you).

3. Don’t forget to follow up once you have sent the invoice. It is important to follow up because some clients might not notice the invoice you have sent to them thus causing a delay in getting payment. As we know emails can go wrong sometimes. Resend the invoice if necessary.

4. If emails don’t work, it is time to give them a call. Talk politely and ask them if they have received your invoice and the payment is ready. Money is a very sensitive issue so be sure to use small words when discussing about the money.

5. If none of the above works, you should be heading towards the experts such as Freelancers Union for help (check whether you are eligible). Different location has different set of rules and regulations. Be sure to check out yours.

If everything else fails, you should consider to place a report on Ripoff Report or Scam Radar.

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