How To Write 10 Articles A Day

How do you write 10 articles? Without feeling tired? Without feeling exhausted? Without having writer’s block?


Just follow these steps and you should be well on your way to write 300 articles a month.

1. Discipline

Set in you mind that you are going to write 10 articles today, and you will not quit writing until you have 10 articles ready. Discipline is very important. Discipline is what drives us to finish our work. If you have a full time job, you should know this very well.

2. Get started

Once you have set your mind to write 10 articles today, it is time to get started on writing, of course. Once you have get started, make sure that you are writing and not just let your mind wander through the empty space.

3. Do 50%, take a break, do the other 50%

This is a step to make sure that you are not exhausted in writing. The rule is to write 5 articles, before you take a break in between. Once you have a break, it is time to work on the other 5 articles, before you call it a day.

So, in case if you have problems researching for the information you need, try these:

a. Google in different countries (,, and so on)

b. MSN Bing

c. – allows you to search for materials from all 3 main search engines.


e. Wikipedia

You might get different ideas and tips for your topics. Good luck!

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