Is This Project For You?

Anyone would be happy to get a freelance project. At least I was over the moon when I first scored my first writing project.

However, the question to ask yourself is whether the project is the right one for you. Why?

Simple. You wouldn’t want to work on a project that is non educational and non profitable.

Questions you have to ask yourself before you accept any projects.

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1. Will You Learn From This Gig?

Surely you want to learn something when you work on a project. Whether you are writing or doing blog design, you can improve on your skills when you work on more projects. However, sometimes, there are projects that won’t help you in any way. Analyse what can you learn from the projects you apply so that you gain benefit from the projects you work on.

2. Is The Money Good?

The main purpose to work on projects is to earn money. Would you work on a project that pays peanuts and expect more from you? Think about it for a moment.

3. Do You Trust The Client?

Why you need to ask this? It is because you want to know whether you will get paid or not in the end. To be honest you won’t know until you are actually getting paid but your instinct will always tell you the truth. If you are suspicious about your clients, either back off or think of another way to figure out whether they are lying or not. The best way is to request advance payment. If the clients are trying to fool you surely they won’t be willing to pay in advance.

4. Does The Project Fit With Your Moral Code?

Most people ignore this because of the money factor. However, if there are certain things that you won’t do for your clients, make it clear.

5. Will This Gig Help Build Your Contact List?

Networking is important. When you have a large contact list, surely it would be much easier to score your next project.

6. Will This Job Lead to Widespread Exposure of Your Services?

If you are new in your industry (i.e.: writing), by working on projects acknowledged by many people would automatically spread your services across the world. Of course, not all projects are popular but in some way if the projects have a strong influence on the net, surely you will be credited by it.

7. Does This Job Interest You?

Back to the most important question of all, are you interested to work on this project? There is no point doing something that you have no interest. In the end, you will end up doing the job badly and gain even worse reputation.


Is it time for some thinking? Try this out when you are applying for your next project.

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