Malaysian: Check Your Identity Card

Dear fellow Malaysians, please check the chip on your Identity Card if you want to open a new bank account in Malaysia. You won’t be able to open a new account if your IC chip is damaged (i.e. they cannot read the chip).

Public Bank

My husband went to Public Bank to open a new bank account as his employer is using Public Bank to distribute salary for all employees. The problem is, Public Bank denied his application because his IC chip is damaged.


So he went to JPN to renew his IC and JPN staff told him to wait 3 weeks.

IC renewal costs RM10.

Driving Lessons

I am in the process of obtaining a driving license. Therefore, I have to attend classes and examinations.

I am registered at Litar Sistem Adilkap, Ipoh.

I am not sure if this is a new rule but every student must present their IC at the counter to “punch in” (the same concept with working, you need a punch card) and “punch out”.

At Adilkap, they will read the IC and then ask for our fingerprint (place your finger on a machine) every time we “punch in” and “punch out”.

In case the IC chip is damaged, we will need to purchase a smart card (at the price of RM15 each) as a replacement to record our attendance.


Be sure to check your IC from time to time. According to JPN, we need to renew our IC once every five years.

If you want to open a new bank account for your business, be sure your IC chip is in good condition.

Otherwise, you will be wasting your precious time, going to the bank only to find out you cannot open a new bank account.

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