4 Proofreading Options

It is August now. Let’s start with some tips.


Need to proofread a document? There are four ways you can go about it, each one with their own pros and cons.

1. Check it manually yourself. If you’re going to check your work this way, use a proofreading checklist to tick off all the items you’re going to check for. You can find recommended checklists from many writing books and websites. We’d suggest taking one of those and adding your own items, particularly those that you find yourself frequently erring on.

2. Have a friend check. It’s tough to evaluate your own work for correctness. Most of the time, you’re emotionally invested in it and that makes being objective damn near impossible. Having a friend check, especially one who’s experienced in proofreading, should prove a much better choice.

3. Use an automated grammar software. It’s 2010. We’ve got software for everything, including proofreading. You can cut the time you spend on the activity considerably by simply using a writing checker software. Believe me when I say the results of these modern proofreading tools are highly impressive.

4. Use an automated grammar checker first, followed by manual check later. If you’re one of those who remain unimpressed with software-based solutions to something that used to require so much personal attention as proofreading, you can use the software and follow it up with a manual checking later. At worst, you’ll confirm your suspicions about grammar software not being up to par. In some cases, you may end up surprising yourself with the results. Either way, you’ll save yourself plenty of time.

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