Quit Unemployment and Start Freelancing

Unemployment rate is rising. For some reason I thought that unemployment shouldn’t happen at all.

After all, there are so many full time jobs being advertised on the internet and in the classifieds.

For some reason, there are so many people who are unemployed out there so why not take this chance to get into the freelancing industry?

After all, it is better than being unemployed.

It is not extremely easy to start freelancing but you have to start somewhere.

First, you need the right skills. Secondly, you need a computer or a laptop. Then, you need a job market.

Ask yourself:

“What can you do?”

Writing? Designing? Coding?

These are valuable skills in the freelancing world.

If you love to write, you might want to check out some revenue-sharing sites.

Submit your articles and earn royalties on your articles. You can even do this as a part time job.

Otherwise, you can check out freelance writing job sites.

Be sure to rate yourself reasonably. Check out the right rate for your work.

Once you have determined what you want to do, you should promote your service.

While you are doing freelancing, be sure to avoid scams.

Who knows freelancing might be your dream job?


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  1. I too suggest freelancing (on the internet) to many people who look for some job. But they fail due to lack of desktop or laptop. I guess freelancing might be hard if done outside internet. For ex, a freelance photographer who sells or works under contract for print publishers.
    Nowadays we are getting netbook laptops at unbelievably cheap rates. One can start with them.

    And others who own computers are hard to be convinced that online freelancing works. They are scared of scams.

  2. yes, agree with you.. being a freelancer is cool. a lot of opportunity out there.

  3. Freelancing is the new full time these days as cloud computing technologies and increasing bandwidth makes it possible for people to work anytime, anywhere. Soon, office spaces will become a thing of the past as people take work with them as they redefine the meaning of work. There are plenty of opportunities out there if you only take time to look.

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