7 Articles and Podcasts to Help You Redefine Your Freelancing Career

Happy New Year 2018! As we enter the new year, why not take some time to think about your freelancing career?

Here are 7 articles (including podcasts) to help you redefine your freelancing career!

  1. Are you a beginner freelancer? Make sure you read this amazing article from Mashable.
  2. Do you want to learn how you can become a better freelancer? This article will help you out.
  3. Do you encounter any issues or problems in your freelancing career? Learn how you can resolve them with this article.
  4. Want to know why it’s important to network and how you can network (even from home!)? This podcast will teach you everything you need to know about networking.
  5. It is important to continue learning and sharpening your skills as a freelancer. Check out why and how with this amazing podcast.
  6. Are you interested in marketing, and all about marketing? This podcast will help tremendously.
  7. Are you ready to move on from freelancing to full-time? Check out this podcast from Clients From Hell.

Bonus: Freelance rate calculator to help you define your freelancing rate. Give it a go!

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