Rewriting Articles Without Copying Someone Else’s Work

Often, you have come across clients who require you to rewrite articles for article marketing.

This is proven to be a problem for most writers because:

1. There are too many articles to be completed within a short time.

2. Writers need to work fast to provide fast turnaround and often result in over work – fatigue, sick and so on.

I am sure there are many ebooks out there teaching you how to write articles fast and easy.

Some even produce software to help you rewrite articles. Otherwise, you can even spin the articles using some spinning software that is also available for free (or paid).

However, do you realise that when you rewrite an article, you are rewriting someone else’s work.

How do you make sure that you are not stealing the content even when you are rewriting the whole article?

Rewriting articles is not an easy task.

Clients might think that it is all about changing a few words here and there and bam, you get a whole new article to be claimed as your own.

No, to rewrite an article without being considered as stealing, you need to follow these steps:

1. Read through the articles that you intend to rewrite.

2. Find out the main points of the article.

3. By using just one or two points, write an article entirely on your own words with your own understanding (to understand, you have to read, which is why we need step 1).

4. While you are writing the article entirely with your own words and understanding, avoid referring to the original article (when you refer to the original article, you tend to pick up a few words from the article and increase your chances of copying the article).

5. Once you have written the article, run a check to make sure that it is either 100% original or close enough to 100%.

If you have gone through all the 5 steps, you are well on your way to become the best writer to rewrite articles.

I know you might think that it will take a long time to finish a piece of article using the 5 steps above, but it takes only a short time to write an entirely new article, only if you truly understand what you are writing about. Therefore, you need to read the original article carefully.

Keep on practicing and this will be a habit soon.

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