Scams, Lies, More Scams

I wrote about scams and how to detect a scam some time ago. Please read the article if you want to know more about how you can protect yourself from being scammed.

Today, I am going to share a few Private Messages (that I suspect to be scams from Digital Point).This is as a reference for everyone. Never falls easily on these messages.

Message 1:

Make At Least $100 A Day Online In Your Spare Time -VIDEO PROOF

Can you imagine being able to generate $100’s each day, even within an hour or two.
As soon as you apply the method within minutes you can start making money.

There is a PROOF VIDEO:

Please visit below page for Detail:

http://———–   (a website url)

You will be part of the 10% that make real money!!!



Comment: Sounds too good to be true. No such thing. If there is, I would like to hear from you.

Message 2:

How I Made $603,094.00 In Just 7 Days?

Discover Exactly How I Made $603,094.00 In Just 7 Days
As My Personal Diary Reveals The Exact Steps, Plan and Secrets I used
To Create A $600,000+ Formula That You Can Duplicate ?

It’s life changing material indeed that
will help you to improve your life
and your business.

Please visit below page for Detail:

http://———— (a website url)



Comment: This one is even worse. If everyone can do that, everyone would be unbelivable rich.

Do you beg to differ? Have your say here.

Message 3:


I will pay you $40 to your PayPal within 24 hours if you sign-up with a web-hosting website for just $0.01 with your own PayPal.

You just have to spend $0.01 from your PayPal to earn the $40 from me by PayPal.

Are you interested ?

If yes …..

(—— there is a series of instructions ——)

After this, plz send me an invoice of $40 by PayPal to me to xxx and write your email address with which you have signed-up with that website in the “Message” field (so that I can verify whether you have indeed signed-up or not) and within 24 hours, I will pay you $40 to your PayPal.

Thax and have some action ! Happy earning !




Comment: Pay 1 cent to earn $40? Who would do that?

Have you come across this message? Do you pay the 1 cent? Did you get the $40 within 24 hours. I would love to hear all about it (success stories or scams).


What do have to say about that? Do you believe in these type of messages? Do tell here…

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