Software For Article Ideas – What Happen To Our Own Ideas

Have you ever used an article idea software to generate ideas for your articles?

It is as if we have run out of ideas to write about.

A very good example of software available is known as Article Ideas. This software is produced by the same producer of Automatic Article Submitter software.

The idea of this software is to help you generate ideas about a certain topics that you want to write about.

You just need to key in a keyword of your topic and voila, you get a whole long list of information to write about.

Where do the software get all the information?

Apparently, it pulls in all the readable information from search engines.

So, just how effective it could be? Do you think this is a great way to write articles? What about the quality?

People are trying hard to sell copies of this software, especially in Digital Point.

Personally, I don’t see any harm in using Article Idea software to assist us in writing articles but…

What happen?

Maybe it is useful for article marketing but still, what happen to our own ideas that we generate from our brain?

Do we need to have everything generated from the software (i.e. : the latest technology) so that we no longer have to think? I believe that fiction or non-fiction writers will have to think hard about the plot, the characters and the word flow.

This is something that the software cannot do.

This also reminds me of how electronic tools are taking over human resource in terms of job placement (especially in factories – more than 50% of the production are fully automated by machines. Humans are only monitoring their progress).

In the end, what happened to those workers? The got fired!

The Solution…

My advice when it comes to writing your own articles, use your own brain.

Keep the software for your work related tasks (article marketing or similar tasks) but when you write for your own blog or writing a story, always use your brain to think.

Come to think again, this is also the best way to counter amnesia / schizophrenia.

Don’t let your brain sitting idle.

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