Survival Tips for RM5 Freelance Writing Jobs

In Malaysia, it is common to come across freelance writing ads offering as low as RM5/article (or lower amount).

There are times when you just need to grab any freelance writing jobs you can find because you need extra money or because freelance writing is your career.

That would be a time when you can NEVER say no to low paying freelance writing jobs.

What do you do?

How can you survive with such low paying jobs?

1. When you come across such freelance writing ads, you need to read from the beginning to the end of the description. Look out for how many words, topics related and payment method. This helps you choose the best freelance writing jobs for yourself.

2. Some of the jobs are quite reasonable – RM5 for 100-200 words. Some of the jobs can be bad – RM5 for 500 words. Look for reasonable freelance writing jobs.

3. Try to do as many articles possible, if there is no limit. Sometimes, there might be a limit of 20 articles a week and you need to share the 20 articles with other freelance writers. Grab all 20 articles for yourself if you can handle it. This way at least you will get RM100 for yourself.

4. If you can’t grab all 20 articles for yourself, apply for more freelance writing jobs of similar tasks. You can work for two or three clients at the same time – without the guilt (you are a freelancer).

5. You don’t have to spend 30 minutes to complete an article. You just need 10 minutes – especially for 100 – 200 words. If you can get RM10 an article, then you should spend 30 minutes.

6. Apart from local job ads, perhaps you should expand to international job ads. Instead of earning RM5/article, try $5/article – if you are lucky.

7. If you are stuck at RM5/article for a very, very long time, perhaps you should try different clients or at least ask for a raise – maybe RM8/article, if you are good. If the client is not willing to give you a raise, leave!

8. Always put up an ad on Craigslist to let people know you are LOOKING for a freelance writing job – short/long term.

There are many clients out there. You just need to make the best choice.

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