Copyscape: Is it Reliable?

We know there are many plagiarism checkers out there, both online and offline products.

Some people are willing to pay while others prefer free tools.

Copyscape is popular because you get to enjoy both free and paid services.

I have questions for writers out there, who are using Copyscape.

Is Copyscape reliable?

Are your customers happy with your work, after checking with Copyscape?

Do you use more than one plagiarism checker?

Do you compare the results?

According to Search Engine Journal, Copyscape has a 90% reliability and by far the most reliable tool of all.

Personally I like Plagiarism Detect, because I find rather reliable as well, perhaps better than Copyscape.

I have been using Plagiarism Detect for a very long time and I find it easy to check the authenticity of an article based on the percentage and the links that contain the material from the article.

What do you think?

Do you use a plagiarism checker for your work?

Or you don’t even care about plagiarism checker at all?

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Rewriting Articles Without Copying Someone Else’s Work

Often, you have come across clients who require you to rewrite articles for article marketing.

This is proven to be a problem for most writers because:

1. There are too many articles to be completed within a short time.

2. Writers need to work fast to provide fast turnaround and often result in over work – fatigue, sick and so on.

I am sure there are many ebooks out there teaching you how to write articles fast and easy.

Some even produce software to help you rewrite articles. Otherwise, you can even spin the articles using some spinning software that is also available for free (or paid).

However, do you realise that when you rewrite an article, you are rewriting someone else’s work.

How do you make sure that you are not stealing the content even when you are rewriting the whole article?

Rewriting articles is not an easy task.

Clients might think that it is all about changing a few words here and there and bam, you get a whole new article to be claimed as your own.

No, to rewrite an article without being considered as stealing, you need to follow these steps:

1. Read through the articles that you intend to rewrite.

2. Find out the main points of the article.

3. By using just one or two points, write an article entirely on your own words with your own understanding (to understand, you have to read, which is why we need step 1).

4. While you are writing the article entirely with your own words and understanding, avoid referring to the original article (when you refer to the original article, you tend to pick up a few words from the article and increase your chances of copying the article).

5. Once you have written the article, run a check to make sure that it is either 100% original or close enough to 100%.

If you have gone through all the 5 steps, you are well on your way to become the best writer to rewrite articles.

I know you might think that it will take a long time to finish a piece of article using the 5 steps above, but it takes only a short time to write an entirely new article, only if you truly understand what you are writing about. Therefore, you need to read the original article carefully.

Keep on practicing and this will be a habit soon.

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How I Combat Against Plagiarism of My Own Work

Four months ago, I was conned by a very popular writer in GAF.

I have written quite a few articles for $48 and he ended up not paying me at all, stating that he was conned by another client.

Four months later, as in today, I decided to do a plagiarism check using PlagiarismDetect on the articles that I have done for this particular ex-client (this ex-client is also blacklisted in FreelanceAIR).

I was curious on where the articles are being used and who is the main culprit behind this scam.

One of the articles is titled: How To Hire An Accountant For Your Business

It was not surprised at all to find that the article had been submitted to Ezine Articles. I finally found out the culprit but I am not going to reveal here.

I knew I can’t do anything now that the article is published on Ezine Articles and I don’t have an online copy of the article to prove it my ownership.

However, I also know that Ezine Articles take it very seriously about copyright infringement so I decided to report the article to the Ezine Team, even though I wasn’t sure of the outcome but it was worth a try.

Ezine Team is superb at attending serious case like this. Within minutes, I got an email asking for prove of ownership but I replied stating that the article is mine and I have not posted it online.

The next thing, Ezine Team took the article down.

According to Ezine,

We take claims of infringement very seriously and do not condone or
allow our members to infringe on the rights of others as outlined in
our Terms of Service:

The article has been removed.

Now, I gain my article back and I proudly present it in the Services page as a sample writing.

After all that article is written by me.

All I can say is even when you are being conned, try to do something to get them back before giving up.

In this case, I found the duplicate in Ezine Articles so I took the appropriate decision according to my situation.

Should you find yourself in a different situation, you might want to take a moment and think of what you can do, unless if the conclusion is ‘there is nothing else you can do’.

I have a moment where there is really nothing I can do to save my articles. However, I cannot mention the site that has published my content without my consent (the same batch of articles as above).

Nevertheless, I am happy now that I have managed to get back one of my articles, even if just one.

Thanks, Ezine Articles for being the best article directory with the best policy, rules and regulations.

Have questions or something toΒ say? Leave a comment!

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CopyScape and Other Plagiarism Checkers

“When it comes to writing for anything, the rule is 100% original.”

I am sure you are a dedicated writer who will do everything to make sure that your articles are 100% original before you hand in your work to your clients.

The question is how reliable it is by using CopyScape, these days?

There is a discussion in DP about the reliability of CopyScape. For example:

In several instances I find duplicates for content that I’m 100% positive that it is unique and results from copyscape are not relevant by any mean. What are they trying to do? manipulating the credibility of content?

~by Tech Entrance

Since it is extremely important to check articles to make sure 100% originality, I have found other tools to check articles.

Apart from CopyScape:

1. Plagiarism Detect – free

2. Article Checker – free

3. DupeCop – free

4. Dupe Free Pro – free

5. Doccop – free

6. Plagiarism Finder – free to try (30-day trial), $125 to buy

7. Ithenticate – not free (need to get license)

8. The Plagiarism Checker – free

9. Quote Finder – free

10. Copy Alerts – free (this is a tool that lets you enter your website or blog to receive plagiarism alerts if someone steals your content)

11. Duplicate Check – $19.95 (you need PHP 4.3.2 or higher/Zend Optimizer 2 or higher)

12. FairShare – free

(thanks @plagiarismtoday for recommending FairShare)

Need to find more plagiarism detection software for download? Check out search page for ‘plagiarism’.

Since there are so many tools to check your articles, instead of relying 100% on CopyScape, why not try a few more?

It is very hard to find the best checker since each of them are using different formulas and algorithm.

The best way is to use a few checkers. If you find it a hassle to check the articles so many times, stick to your gut and use the one that you think is best.

However, Google is our best friend. Copy any random phrase and search (with quote and without quote). This is not a new trick, in fact I believe most of you know about this. In case you didn’t know, well now you know it.

Know a new checker that is not in the list? Let me know!

Find out more here – Plagiarism

p/s: updated 14 December 2012

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