Link Love #16 : Barbara Ling

Who is Barbara Ling?

If you are addicted to the internet, you might have come across the name Barbara Ling.

Barbara Ling is an online marketing expert with over 13 years of experience, the author of over 30 books and ebooks on how to make money online, and an all-around internet pioneer – Barbara Ling’s About Page

Barbara Ling’s blog

About Barbara Ling

Personally I think you should read Barbara’s blog simply because you can learn a lot of useful stuff from him.

Link Love #14: How Secure is My Password

Choosing a secure password is very important for everything that requires a password.

Online banking, blogging platform and email accounts are just a few examples of sites that require passwords.

How Secure is My Password is going to analyse the strength of your password.

Just type in a password and a message will appear – e.g. It would take about 600 years for a desktop PC to crack your password.

Give it a try

Note: This is not to be taken seriously. Just for fun.