Using PayPal as Saving Account

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

PayPal is worldwide trusted. PayPal is useful when you want to shop internationally (online) and receive payment.

I am going to talk about using PayPal as a saving account.

If you are having a personal account, you can treat your account as a saving account especially if you are one of those who can’t save money in a local bank.

Advantages of using PayPal account as a saving account:

  • The chances of being able to keep your money in PayPal is higher because it would take some time for withdrawal (therefore, you won’t get the rush to withdraw your money)
  • Even if you do withdraw the money, you will have to wait at least 2 to 3 days to get the money in your hand.
  • A back up in case of emergency (running out of money from your local bank account, need extra money for other purposes or something else).

Disadvantages of using PayPal account as a saving account:

  • You won’t be earning interest from the money you keep in your account (not like local savings account).

Who is suitable to use PayPal as a saving account?

  • People who are dealing with international transactions (buying / selling)
  • People who have international business (receiving foreign currencies)

* If you do not belong to any of these categories, you are not suitable to use PayPal as a saving account.

** PayPal is NOT really a saving account. It is the way you use it that matters.

Triond As A Source of Passive Income

Months ago, I have been wondering if Triond is really going to pay the writers who contributed on the site.

After all, who would want to give out money to people who simply post articles on the site”s many different mini blogs?

However, this month, 15th April, I got a surprise from Triond (or Stanza Ltd).

I got a payment of $0.78 to my PayPal.


(click on the image for bigger image)

Haha, I am rather happy actually to see even just a mere $0.78 from Triond, because the payment proves that Triond really pays their contributors a royalty from the ads shown on the pages of the articles.

Now, I am going to write even more articles on Triond to earn a lifetime royalty, if possible.

It proves that there are many ways to get passive income and Triond offers the best way because you get to build your own portfolio as well (remember they care about the quality) so make sure you strut your best stuff on Triond and get rewarded with their royalty payment.

Register at Triond.

Learn more about how Triond works.

Triond Blog.

My Triond profile.

Getting Paid For Your Work Through PayPal

Q: How do I get paid when I freelance in writing?

A: PayPal is the preferable way to get paid. However, if you use paid freelancing sites, you will receive payment through Escrow and then you can withdraw to your PayPal account or any other accounts depending on the sites.

I recommend PayPal because it is easier to bill your client. There is an invoice service and you can use this to send invoices to your clients and have them pay you through PayPal.

However, it also depends on your geographical area, whether PayPal is available. If it is not available, you will have to find other ways to receive money internationally. After all, you might be in India and your client is in USA.