Found this at Language is a Virus.

Title-o-Matic is designed to help you find a suitable title for your masterpiece (i.e. creative writing).

So if you have a story to tell with no suitable title, get some ideas from this generator.

Here are some suggestions from the generator.

1. Storm Drain Mysterious

2. Ferry Sad

3. Seagreen Ghosts

4. Mist White

5. Pools Pink Lemonade

6. Red Apple Pink

7. Shining Dream

8. Lady Bugs Icicle

9. Star Smog

10. Tropical Stalker

I would suggest that you change a word or two in the titles generated to match your story. These are just some rough ideas to help you find the right title for your work.

Link Love #16 : Barbara Ling

Who is Barbara Ling?

If you are addicted to the internet, you might have come across the name Barbara Ling.

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