Old But Gold: Freelancing Scam – 7 Tips to Spot a Potential Scam

Original article – Freelancing Scams – Equipped Yourself With These Tips (Jan, 2009) Second article – Signs of Freelancing Scams (April, 2011) Third article – Identifying Freelancing Scams (Nov, 2012)   I have written about freelancing scam back in 2009, 2011 & 2012 and it is never too late to have an update and recap. Here’s 7 tips (updated) on how to spot … Read more

Signs of Freelancing Scams

As a freelancer, the biggest challenge is to detect and avoid scams. I, myself have been scammed twice throughout my freelancing career. Over the years, I have discovered that most scams have the same “modus operandi”. With so many freelancing bidding sites on the internet, not all employers are serious and legitimate. People are willing to do anything to gain … Read more