The Best-Kept Secret to Making Money With Copywriting

If your copywriting isn’t pulling in the amount of response and sales you were hoping, this article is your solution.

I’ve learned the secrets of copywriting through years of my own experience, and now by now my copy pulls in ten times the amount of responses it used to. And I was a pretty poor English student back in school, in fact I barely passed, but I sure can write copy that gets me a ton of responses and makes me a whole lot of money as a result.

And I’ll laugh all the way to the bank at the people who told me I couldn’t because of my poor English performance in school. You can too, regardless of how well you understand the English language, because copywriting isn’t about beautiful prose and elegant, or even correct, syntax, it’s a science, and a science I’ve mastered and I’m willing to share the secrets.

What the best marketers know, and don’t want you to know, is that good copy sells based on psychology and emotions, not with big words or cute phrases. The psychology behind selling and marketing is something that has been tested and tested and tested again over the years. Basically, psychology is the driving force behind any great copy, and it’s a proven fact.

It’s so easy anybody can do it

In fact, just last month I got an e-mail from a student I met when I spoke at a college about the fundamentals of copy and marketing. He was a very poor student on the verge of dropping out of the college, something he felt that just wasn’t right for him, and he told me that after I had finished my presentation he had spent weeks deliberating on his future until he eventually decided to quit school. He used the principles that I taught him, in only one seminar, to become a millionaire in just a couple of years. He wanted to thank me for changing his life.

So then what makes good copy?

All good copy has one common trait: it connects with the target. You have to understand your target market, which requires a good amount of research, and then you have to express to your consumer that your product provides benefits, or more specifically it provides the exact benefit that they need. And if they don’t know they need this benefit, you have to make them understand that they need it.

If you don’t connect with your buyer, get inside their heads, then you have little to no chance of influencing them to purchase your product or service. That’s why psychology is so important, because it gives you a key to the mind of the target market. There are certain words, phrases, that resonate with your market in a way that will get them to buy now.

I have my own list of words that are psychologically proven to get results, and in order to make your own you’re going to have to do a lot of research with your target market.

An example of what I’m talking about:

Do you ever see the same infomercials over and over again? Do you sometimes think they are lame or overdramatized? So why are they always on?

Because they work. Because the people behind the infomercials have done their research and use psychology that connects with the consumer and makes them understand the benefit-solutions of the product.

In conclusion:

The secret to any successful marketing or copy is psychology. Understand your market so you can connect with them on a level so it’s like you’re in their head, forcing them to buy.

That’s what I do, and that’s how I make my money.

Andrew Sundstrom has been described as “the world’s smartest copywriter.” He’s an income increasing results focused copywriter and the author of Ultimate Guide To Copywriting That Makes You Rich, which shows you exactly how to adapt new and proven money-making copywriting methods to your business.

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