The Right Rate – Calculation Tool

On 1st of February I talked about The Right Rate To Charge. Today, I would like to introduce a tool to help you calculate the rate for your work. This is by far the best freelance rate calculation tool available that is easy to use.

It is the FreelanceSwitch Hourly Rate Calculator

I believe that if you are new in the freelance writing industry, you are puzzled on how to charge your customers. Usually we will charge according to the numbers of articles but you can try hourly rate as well for a change.

Why you need to use this?

  • This calculator will help you calculate a suitable rate as a guide for your own rate.
  • It is 99% reliable because it takes in consideration from all sections – business expenses, personal expenses, your available hours for work and the profits you want to gain.

You don’t have to strictly follow the rate you get from the calculator. This is as a guide to help you set a proper rate for your service.

Remember, there is always room for discussion when it comes to getting the right rate for you and client. If a client is asking you to lower the rate to an insulting rate, you can always reject the offer and walk away. Find another client who is willing to pay a decent rate, maybe slightly lower than your expectation but never too low it is insulting to work for such a client.

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