Top 5 Articles On Business You Should Read

Freelance writing is a business. Therefore, apart from knowing how to write, you should know how to deal with this business as well. Most of us, including me have problems understanding the true meaning of business and the many aspects of business. Therefore, I present the top 5 articles on business everyone should read especially if you are thinking about starting a business.

These articles are not just focusing on freelance writing but they cover a vast range of ideas for all kinds of business you might want to embark in the future.

1. Sitepoint: Best Practices For Freelance Business Part One

You get to learn all sorts of business strategies and everything else about business.

2. Sitepoint: Best Practices For Freelance Business Part Two

The continuation of Part One.

3. Wikipedia: Business

Wiki offers great internal and external links for all aspects and things that are related to business.

4. Entrepreneur: Starting An Online Business

Learn all you need to know about online businesses.

5. Entrepreneur: Online Business Ideas

When you need ideas on starting an online business, this page offers you a few great ideas to start off your business.

Enjoy the articles!

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