Top 5 Ways To Be Lazy At Work

I love to watch videos, movies and drama series.

I love Ugly Betty, Pushing Daisies and X-Men. I also like to play games like Scrabble or Virtual Villagers.

I love to eat, sleep and eat more.

Do you know how to get lazy from working on your freelance projects?

Seriously, I do want to get them done but when I have been doing the same job for months, it get bored. Therefore I need to have something to take them off my mind. Blog hopping has been my hobby for a very long time.

I guess I would be able to share a few tips on how to be lazy whether on a blue Monday or any day in a week.

1. Play more games. Check out Yahoo! Games or any games you have on your desktop.

2. Browse the internet for everything from news to gossips and everything else that matters to you. I would recommend you to search using Google news unless if you know where to go. I would spend time on Stumble Upon and stumble across some interesting sites.

3. Watch YouTube videos. I am so addicted to a woman’s world on YouTube. You can check out their original website for more info (more reason to blog hop). Otherwise, I would love to check out any trailers for movies that I like such as Coraline, Harry Potter and Narnia.

4. Spend more time watching DVDs. I just finished watching War and Beauty. I am looking forward to a new drama series but I am so hooked on to Barbie series now.

5. Twitter, Digg, Facebook and more social networking. The best way to waste your time. Facebook-ing and Frienster-ing will get you more friends (or foes).

Bonus tip: Eat more while you work. The more you eat, the more time you waste, the more time you gain for yourself and in long term, the more weight you gain, which in turn proves that you are lazy.

What do you like to do when you don’t feel like doing the work you need to do?

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