Warning: Beware of These Typos in Your Work

I know you are very careful with your work. From the beginning to the end, you have made sure that the spelling and grammar are correct in your articles. However, we are all human and being a human, we are bound to make mistakes. There is no exception when writing articles.

The most important thing is to avoid mistakes earlier but there are times when the mistakes are found in the work we are working on.

There are a few typos that are popular (repeated often in most articles).

1. You’re and Your

The different between you’re and your is obvious.

‘Your’ indicates something that belongs to you.

‘You’re’ is a short form of YOU ARE.

2. There and Their

‘There’ refers to a place or location.

‘Their’ is a possesive pronoun (the plural of “they”). For example, ‘their handbags’ and ‘their books’.

3. Affect and Effect

According to Grammar Girl, ‘affect’ is to influence whereas ‘effect’ is a result of the influence. ‘


Now that you have known these grammar rules, you should learn more with Grammar Girl’s latest book “Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips For Better Writing“.

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