What Not To Do When You Write An Essay

Essay writing is a creative activity that can be undertaken for fun, to put across ones views or for someone’s recreation. Following are the highlights of How to write an Essay easily.

How to write an essay?

The following steps must be followed to write an essay:

1. Select a topic- Decide the topic on which the essay has to be written. An essay maybe written on a topic that explains some steps or it may be a topic that is argumentative.

2. Make an Outline- The purpose of an outline is to put the ideas in an organised format on a paper. An outline helps to make a basic structure of an essay.

3. Write the Thesis statement- A thesis statement clarifies to a reader what he or she will be reading about. Thesis consists of two parts. The first part states the topic and the second part contains the main points of the essay.

4. Write the body- The body contains an explanation, description or arguments for and against the main points of the essay.

5. Make paragraphs- The body mainly consists of paragraphs. Each heading in the outline forms a paragraph. Write sentences that elaborate the main points and if required support the sentences or arguments with evidences.

6. Write the introduction- Begin the essay with a sentence or information that grabs the attention of the reader. At the end of the introduction paragraph, write the thesis statement.

7. Write the conclusion- The ending of the essay must summarise the main points of the essay in strong sentences.

8. Check the order of the paragraphs- Once the paragraphs are written, check their ordering. Place the strongest paragraph at the beginning and the weakest paragraph in the middle. While ordering the paragraphs, ensure that they make sense and are logically connected.

9. Check whether the instructions specified have been followed or not.

10. Check the style of writing- Check whether an appropriate style of writing has been incorporated or not. Ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes. Also make sure that punctuations are correctly used. Also check whether what has been written makes sense or not.

What not to do when you write an essay?

• Do not plagiarize i.e. do not copy or borrow text from someone else’s work and pass it on as your own.
• Do not use advanced vocabulary.
• Do not use jargon.
• Do not write abstract sentences that do not make complete sense.
• Do not be redundant i.e. do not use the same words again and again.
• Do not use bad grammar.
• Do not include too many ideas.
• Do not start writing all at once. Think before you start writing.
• Do not write very long sentences.
• Do not use personal pronouns.
• Do not use mismatched words and phrases.
• Do not write sentences in a non coherent manner.
• Do not omit conjunctions.
• Do not elaborate so much that you move away from the main points of the topic.
• Do not let the essay stress you. Enjoy the brainstorming method and have fun while writing.

By following the above guidelines, one can surely write an effective format ad the same can be understood by searching for more information on the internet. Now you know how to write an essay that will blow your competition out of the water.

Essay writing is a creative activity that can be undertaken for fun, to put across ones views or for someone’s recreation. Following are the highlights of How to write an Essay.

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