What To Do When Server Down

I know there is a maximum of 99.9% of uptime for all hosting companies.

However, when the server goes down, our site data goes down.

What we should do BEFORE the server is down?

  1. Always back up. Remember data are stored on the host. If the host is down, the data is down. Worst of all, if the host is damaged, the data will be gone forever, unless if you have a back up in your hard drive.
  2. Learn everything about the hosting company. You need to know who to contact in case you need an answer, who to contact for technical issues and everything else related.

What we should do DURING server down?

  1. Grab a coffee.
  2. Work on something else.
  3. Watch TV.
  4. Social networking.
  5. Keep on checking Down for Everyone or Just Me.

What we should do AFTER the server is up?

  1. Back up once again, just in case.
  2. Check if everything is in the right order.

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