Why Dog is the Best Companion for a Writer?

Sometimes, being a writer can be lonely. You might be married and have a family but there are writers who are single and live alone out there.

Imagine having to write at home, alone. Watch TV alone. Eat alone. You have to do everything alone. Life sucks although you are making big money from your writing career.

If you are a writer, living in an apartment alone and wishing to have somebody to accompany you while you work, consider adopting a dog (or a cat but I prefer dog so I am going to talk about dogs only).

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The reasons why dog is the best companion?

  1. Dogs are comforting. You get tired, you look at the dog, you feel better. You need to relax? Go down to the park and play fetch. This way, you get some exercise too. You can even jog with your dog. Remember the dog in Rocky’s movies?
  2. Dogs don’t talk. They bark and yet you get peace while working although once in a while your dog might break the silence with a bark.
  3. Dogs do what they do best, guard. It is an added security for your home.
  4. Give your dog a hug when you need a hug.
  5. Share noms (food) with your dog. Watch TV and share snacks.
  6. Dogs never complain. They are content with the food you give them. They are happy to see you. They are happy to have a place to live. They are thankful. Occasionally they might want a bone or two. Just give in to them if they behave well.
  7. They walk on 4 legs. They are funny to look at. They are cute. They give you puppy eyes. They know what to do when you are sad. They make you happy. You can never resist a smile when you look at them.
  8. Dogs are loyal. Loyalty is important. They won’t leave you for no reason.

Why not get a dog now if you are lonely? Once you get a dog, your life won’t be so lonely anymore.

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