Why Writing Articles in the Morning is Best

If writing articles is something you do often you can appreciate the need for having to maintain your focus. The usual writing process includes the proper research beforehand to insure the content is useful to the reader. The harder part is to sit down and put it all together in a format that is both interesting and easy to follow; this is the real test of your writing skills. Even harder yet is trying to complete your article writing in a reasonable amount of time. Even the tiniest distractions can derail your train of thought and literally double the amount of time it takes to complete your article.

Learning how to write an article in a minimal amount of time is more a result of following a structured and disciplined system and less about your unique writing skills. Today we’re going to discuss some writing tips that should help you get more out of the time it takes you to write an article. The early morning hours seem to be the most productive time for article writing and here are 3 reasons why:

The Uncluttered Mind

Upon awakening from a ‘fitful’ nights rest your mind is a ‘clean slate’ that hasn’t been assaulted with the distractions of the day yet! Ever notice that as the day progresses your mind becomes more occupied with the events that occur as they unravel? This preoccupation is a major distraction that affects your focus, mood, and even memory. A well rested mind free of distractions is your biggest asset when you write an article and the early morning hours are usually when you will be experiencing this state of mind. It also helps that early mornings are usually the most tranquil time of the day.

High Energy Level

There’s no doubt that your energy levels are at their highest in the morning. Even though some people need time to fully awaken, both the mind and body are operating on a full nights rest. Learning how to write an article in the shortest amount of time comes with recognizing the need for a high level of energy enabling you to work both rapidly and efficiently.

Creative Thinking

The state of sleep or rest allows the mind to ‘unwind’ enabling it to almost effortlessly wander in a creative or problem solving type of way. Readily identifiable pressures we experience in our waking hours slip away during sleep giving way to the infinitely creative nature of the mind. The efficiencies you experience when writing shortly upon awakening allows you to be more productive and creative while also minimizing the time you invest to complete the article.

Writing articles takes creativity and focus and if these two attributes are not able to work together the entire writing process can take much longer. The 3 writing tips we discussed above should help to better coordinate your efforts when you actually sit down to write an article. In the end this should make you less frustrated and more productive.

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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