$2.25 Writers With Bachelor of Arts or Masters

Assuming that you have a degree (B.A.) or a Master in any field related to writing, would you accept a freelance writing job that offers $2.2.5 per article?

Are you so desperate to get a job that $2.25 is the best you can get?

With a B.A. or Master, you are supposed to be writing at the rate of $50 per article of perhaps 500 words.

While you might be desperate at finding a job at the moment, this is not exactly the dream job for freelance writers.

Enough said.

Think before accepting any freelance writing job, is it worth it?

An ad on Craigslist:

Prefer a B.A. or Masters in English, Journalism, Creative Writing, or Marketing. We encourage university students close to graduating that are pursuing these majors to apply.

350 words per article.

All articles must pass Copyscape.

Committed to delivering good quality articles that have passed spell check, proper grammar usage, good   paragraph structure, logical paragraph flow.

Have some knowledge of Search Engine Optimization and the concept of keyword density.

Have very basic HTML knowledge otherwise be willing to learn very basic items.

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